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JT/Rock Mpreg Fic Part 4

Title: Daddy's Little Boy Part 7
Fandom: Crossfire Trail
Pairings: JT/Rock
Warnings: Mpreg, Slash
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I own nothing
Summary: JT gives birth to he and Rock's fourth child.

Rock sat on the barn floor, JT nestled between his legs, a blanket beneath them. " Rock..I have to push, I have to push!"JT whimpered through another contraction. " Go ahead love, do whater you need," JT looked up at him. " aint ya gonna tell me when?" he asked, panting.

" I don't need to," " what the hell are you talking about Rock," He asked breathing heavily and clutching his stomach. " I'm not going to rush you love, I want to make this as easy as I can for you, I don't want you to feel pressured or anything. And besides.." he rubbed JT's contracting stomach.

" You've done this three times, your body knows what to do." JT nodded to him and looked back down at his distended,contracting stomach. he rubbed his hand across it and tensed up at another contraction. " Alright little one, time for you to come out." He gripped Rock's hand, sucked in a breath, and beared down with all his strength.

Rock held him close. rubbing his back and supporting him. " good job, love, your doing great." JT paused for awhile to catch his breath then began pushing again. " Owwwwwww!" he screamed at the top of his lungs. Rock kissed the top of his head. " I Know love I know, Its alright,"

" God, it hurts!" Rock stroked his dark hair. " I love You JT." JT laid back, as the contraction ended. " love you to." he whispered, still panting for breath. " But if you ever do this to me again, I'm gonna rip your dick off and shove up your ass, see how you like it." he laughed a little.

Rock smiled. " seems fair enough." he chuckled. JT tensed, " God damn," he began bearing down, harder than last time. " Rock!,.. get a towel...or a blanket... he's comin." Rock grabbed the blanket and held it beneath JT. " Alright, love, Whenever your ready." JT took a couple of deep breaths.

" Will you catch him?" he asked worridly. " yes, love, I will." he kissed his cheek. " alright...." JT panted. " here we go again." he tensed at another contraction and immediatly began pushing. " thats it love, thats it." " God, help me." JT whimpered, wrapping his free arm around the railing on one of the stalls.

Rock anxiously waited, holding the blanket where their child was about to emerge. JT laid back to rest for a couple seconds. " Dear lord, why do you have to make it hurt so much.!?" he complained before another contraction struck him and he had to push again. " AHHHHHHHHH! OH GOD! OH GOD!

Rock held the blanket closer. " his heads crowning, love, " he said smiling. " I know...I can feel it." He kept pushing, his face begining to turn red. Rock looked at him after he had laid back to rest. " wanna feel his head?" JT nodded. Rock took his hand and moved it down to where the child's head was emerging.

JT felt the top of the babys head. his eyes filled with tears. " My...My baby." he whispered. Rock pressed a kiss to his forehead. " our baby." he said smiling. JT pulled his hand back up and held tight to Rock's. He tensed once again and beared down as hard as his body would allow him.

" OWWWWWWW! GOD DAMN! OWWWW! OWWWWWWWWWW!" He screamed and the baby's tiny head slipped out of him. " He laid back in Rock's arms, panting and breathing harder, than ever before. Rock whispered words of love and encouragment in his ear.

" He's almost here love, just a few more minutes and You'll be holding our baby." JT was begining to cry. " Rock I can't." " yes you can, love, I know you can," he pressed a quick kiss to his mouth and got ready to catch their precious little baby. " I'm ready when you are love."

JT took in a deep breath, dropped his chin to his chest and pushed even harder than last time. " OH MY GOD IT HURTS!"  " He's comin love he's comin." JT could feel the stinging and burning of the baby's shoulders emerging from him. " HOLY SHIIIIT!" he screamed, hiding his face in rock's chest trying not to spook the horses.

" ROCK GET HIM OUT! GET HIM OUT!!!" JT shouted. " your nearly there love," " GOD PLEASE JUST PULL HIM OUT!!" PULL HIM OUT!!" Suddenly the pain ceased and JT laid back. " Oh, love, he's here." Rock lifted the tiny baby up into JT's arms. " oh my god." JT began to cry.

" Hi honey." he held the little newborn close to him. The baby began to cry. Rock rested his chin on JT's shoulder, looking down at his new son. " my, god.." he sad, tears filling his eyes. " he's bueatiful." JT smiled, holding his new baby in his arms. " He looks like you." he told Rock.

Rock looked back at JT. their eyes met, and he lifted his chin, JT shut his eyes, and Rock pressed a warm, passionate kiss to his mouth. after they slowly pulled away, they looked down at their baby. JT stroked the tiny little newborn's auburn hair and smiled. " Kaleb" he said.

" what?" Rock asked. " I'd like to name him Kaleb.... Kaleb Cane Mullaney." Rock grinned. " Seems a little long." he chuckled. JT smiled down at the tiny baby in his arms. " well..." he whispered.

" We can call him KC."

( to be continued)