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JT/Rock Mpreg Fic Part 9

Title: Christmas Angels Part 6
Fandom: Crossfire Trail
Pairings: JT/Rock, Barkow/Beau Dorn
Warnings: Mpreg, Slash
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I Own Nothing!
Summary: Beau gives birth to he and barkow's fifth child.

Everyone in the hallway looked back at Barkow, and then finally Beau's doctor arrived. "Whats wrong?" he asked Barkow. "what do you mean whats wrong!? can't you hear him screaming? he's having a baby!" Barkow snapped. " Alright, I'll send someone to get the delivery room ready."

"No, it won't wait that long, My mother in law said the head was coming out now!" The doctor got a worried look on his face. "did you dilate him?" "no, his mother did, now please hurry I don't wanna miss the birth of my child." "Alright, you go on in." he told barkow and then ran to get a nurse.

Barkow rushed back into the room and took beau's hand. "wheres the doctor you moron!?" Beau screamed at him. "he's coming darling don't worry." Just then the doctor rushed in with a couple of nurses. "okay, we need to hurry and get him to the delivery room." the doctor told them.

"No Time! It's Coming Now!" Beau screamed and beared down, holding his breath trying to force the baby out of him. "Don't push yet Beau." the doctor told him. "we need to get you to the delivery room first." "NO! The Baby's Coming Now!!!" he screamed and pushed harder. "MOM! HER HEAD!" he shouted for his mother.

"I know sweetie, I know,." his mother tried to comfort him, all the while giving barkow the death stare. The doctor grabbed a towel and held it to the baby's emerging head. "Stop pushing, were not ready for her yet." "NOOO!!!!!" He screamed again and felt his skin tear as the baby's head began crowning.

"OWWWWWWWWW! GET IT OUT!" he shouted, tears beginning to stream from his eyes. Barkow instictivly held Beau's leg back, and His mother held the other one. "Honey, just let her head slide out." Beau's mother instructed.The doctor just rolled his eyes. " Fine, if ya need to push go ahead, We'll deliver em in here."

Beau gave into the urge and began pushing again. "good work Beau, keep goin." The doctor told him. He kept pushing, forcing every ounce of energy in his body down to help move the baby out of him. "GOD DAMN IT!" He screamed as he pushed, feeling the sting of the baby's head crowning.

"I can see the head, Push!" Beau beared down harder, screaming at the top of his lungs as the baby's head began to slip from his body. "She's coming out Beau, push harder." "I.. Can't!" he screamed and stopped pushing. "push again, she's almost here." Beau began to cry.

"I Can't! I can't! Please Just Pull Her Out!" suddenly the Baby's head slipped out, tearing his skin as it came. "OWWWWWW! GOD SHE'S TEARING ME APART!" He shouted, tears streaming down his face in waterfalls. "your doing so good." Barkow told him, kissing his forehead and rubbing his back gently.

Beau's Mother squeezed his hand and stroked his hair. "you've gotta push honey, she won't come out if you don't." Beau laid his head back on the pillow. "I can't Ma, I can't push anymore." he sniffled. His mother gave barkow an angry look. " If you ever put him through this again I swear I'll cut off your dick with a rusted spoon got it Jackass!"

Barkow gulped and turned his attention back to Beau. " come on honey, one more push and she'll be here." Beau gritted his teeth as he got the next contraction. "AHHHHHHH!!!! He screamed at the top of his lungs. "push Beau, Push hard." The nurse told him while the doctor gently tried to ease the baby out.

"GOD DAMN YOU!!!" Beau yelled at barkow, all the while pushing as hard as his body would let him. "good work, just a little more,...." The doctor told him, smiling. "and....she's out." Beau gasped and laid back as the baby slipped from his body. The doctor smiled as he dried the crying baby off.

"It's a little girl." he told them. Beau suddenly panicked, seeing someone else holding his baby. "give her to me." he demanded. "alright, alright." The doctor wrapped the baby up in a blanket and laid her on Beau's chest. The baby kept crying, clearing her lungs of all the fluid.

"Hi Honey." Beau greeted his new daughter. The doctor held out a pair of siccors to Barkow. "daddy, wanna cut the cord?"  he asked smiling. "yes sir." Barkow took the siccors and cut the baby's umbilical cord. "alright, have you guys got a name for her?" he asked.

"Breanna lynn Dorn." Barkow told him. "alright..." he finished writing the baby's nam on her birth certificate. "now we just gotta weigh her." he went to take the baby from Beau but he wouldn't let him. "no, just let me hold her." He told him. "beau were just gonna weigh her and then we'll bring her right back alright."

"No, I wanna hold my baby." he held his newborn close to him. The doctor sighed. " do ya want bruce to take her over there?" he suggested. Beau nodded and carfully handed Barkow their precious baby girl. "I'll bring her right back alright darling?" "alright." he laid back, exhausted.

Barkow walked to the other end of the room and laid the baby down on the scale. The nurse weighed her while another nurse put a little pink hat on her head and a pair of pink socks on her feet. A third nurse began to suction out her nose and mouth. "She's perfectly healthy."

One nurse told Barkow. "just a little bit small though, four pounds twelve ounces." she wrote the baby's weight down on her birth certificate. " you can pick her back up now." she told Barkow. "alright." gently as he possibly could Barkow picked the baby up and walked back to Beau. "here ya go darling."

He laid the baby in his arms. but then suddenly he got worried. Beau had a look of pain still on his face. "darling are you alright?" he asked worridly. "It still hurts." he moaned, holding tight to his mother's hand. "well you don't have much time to rest....." the doctor told him.

"the next one should be along in just a few minutes...."

(to be continued...)