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JT/Rock Mpreg Fic Part 7

Title: JT's Wish part 4
Fandom: Crossfire Trail
Pairings: JT/Rock, Barkow/Beau Dorn
Warnings: Mpreg, slash
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I Own Nothing
Summary: a storm sets in and JT has to seek shelter, not knowing who has already taken shelter there.

Beau rode on, feeling the full force of his labor now. Even though he hated to admit it, he actually wished he had stayed at home. " god.." he clutched his stomach, leaning foward in the saddle as the next contraction overtook him. his horse sinced that he was in pain and walked slower.

Beau moaned, trying not to scream, but the pain was just to unbearable. " Oww!" he yelled, letting a tear of pain slip from his eye. His horse pirked his ears up, hearing Beau's scream of agony. the big black stallion nickered softly to his master, wanting to know what was wrong.

When the contraction had subsided Beau petted the horses neck. " its alright boy, just keep goin." the horse walked on. Beau knew he had to start thinking about where he was going to deliver this kid. he had been riding for three hours like this, and before he had left he had already been in labor for three more hours.

He knew it probably wouldn't be long at this point, until the child was born, but he knew that he wasn't going to make it to the hospital at this pace. he was going to have to birth his child on his own, so he needed to find some shelter. thunder sounded from the clouds above, signaling an approaching storm.

" great, thats just what I need, a thunderstorm." he griped, kicking his horse into a faster walk and turning towards the brushline, hoping to find some shelter there. he rode on for about another hour until he finally found some place where he could stay. on the side of the trail, there was an old abandoned cabin.

" guess this'll work." he said to himself, slowly getting down from his horse and tying him to a hitching rail infront of the cabin. he untied his saddle bags and went inside. it was dark in there, and it only had two rooms, alot smaller than he was used to, but it would have to do, after all the baby wasn't going to wait forever.

He walked back to the bedroom, clutching his stomach, feeling the sting of another contraction. "Owww!" he screamed as the pain suddenly hit him full force, wracking every part of his body with unbearable agony. " Ahh!" he collapsed to the floor screaming in pain.

" Owwwww!" he screamed until the contraction had finally ended, after what had seemed like an eternity. he got back up, gasping for breath and unpacked his saddlebags. before they had gotten into that fight, he and Barkow had already packed their bags for the hospital, so as he was walking out the door, beau had grabbed a few things that he'd need to deliver the child.

He pulled off his clothes and changed into his night shirt, then got into the bed and covered up, placing a few towels beneath him, not wanting to get the sheets all bloody. he laid back, hidin his face in the pillows and moaning in pain, feeling the baby inside him shifting around.

Suddenly just when he thought the pain couldn't get any worse, the baby jabbed him in the kidney really hard, and he screamed. but then he grinned, rubbing his stomach. " damn it kid, you keep hurtin me like this and your gonna make one hell of a killer some day."

he gulped, as the next contraction started, and burried his face in the pillows to make his screaming a litle less loud. Pain or no pain, he still wasn't admitting that he wanted Barkow here right now, he'd never admit that, no matter how bad the pain got. although deep down he knew that he did.

He gripped the sides of the bed, still screaming at the top of his lungs. a gush of red fluid soaked the towels beneath him and he could smell the all to familiar scent of blood in the air, knowing it was his. suddenly he became drowsy, everything looked blurry for a minute and then all at once he blacked out......

A couple miles away, JT wa still looking for stray cattle on the east side of the ranch when the storm clouds rolled in. He didn't think much of them at the time but then it started to rain and the thunder quickly turned to lightning. " Shit." he grabbed his slicker off the back of his saddle and slipped it on.

Then, turning his horse he rode into the brush line, to keep from getting to soaked. It was actually surprisingly dry in the timber, he thought he could just wait the rain out right there under the brush, but then a lightning bolt struck awfully close to his horse and he decided that he was wrong.

" Come on boy." he kicked the horse and rode on, wondering if Rock and Rafe had made it back to the ranch yet or not. He was begging to think about his decision to stop trying for another baby, but he hadn't changed his mind. he knew that if god wanted him to have another child then he'd be pregnant by now.

There was no use in trying anymore if he was just going to be dissapointed every time, he thought. but still, he longed for another child. longed for that unforgetable feeling of holding a little warm bundle in his arms for the first time. He wiped a tear away from his eye.

" god, why can't I have just one more. just one more time and i'll never ask for anything ever again." he prayed. lightning crashed and the thunder rolled. Rain kept falling down, harder now and it was hard to se through it. His little chestnut gelding pirked his ears, frightened by the lightning.

" easy boy, easy." JT stroked the horses neck and spoke softly to him. but that just reminded him of calming a little baby, He urged the horse on, trying to get his mind off of this,. suddenly he looked up, thinking that he heard sombody screaming.... screaming in pain.He kicked his horse into a gallop and road off towards the sound of the painful shout. " come on boy, faster!" 

The horse ran on, until finally they came to an old abandoned cabin at the edge of the brush line.......

( to be continued....)