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JT/Rock Mpreg Fic Part 6

Title: The Triplets Part 10
Fandom: Crossfire Trail
Pairings: JT/Rock, Barkow/Beau Dorn, Arrow/Taralee
Warnings: Mpreg, Slash
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I Own Nothing
Summary: Beau gives birth to the first twin.

The doctor looked up and sighed. " Well, my jobs never done., Emilee take him into recovery and get Nancy to take the little ones to the nursery." " Yes doctor." The young nurse wheeled JT's bed out of the room and the other took the triplets down to the nursery. " get everything ready."

The doctor told all the nurses. " Emilee come with me, we gotta go bring him in here." " yes doctor." they walked down the hallway, back to the room. Beau was sitting up in bed, panting, and gripping Barkow's hand tight enough to shatter all the bone. " lighten your grip beau, your breaking my hand."

" Shut up you moron! You've never felt Pain like this!" Jerral looked down at the ground, not wanting any part of their arguing. " Where the hell is the damn doctor!?" " Calm down darling, he'll be here in just a minute." Barkow rubbed his lovers back. " do you need to push, son?"

Jerral asked, suddenly concerned that Beau's contractions were getting closer. " Uh huh." he moaned, feeling another contraction. " God make it stop!" He shouted. Just then the doctor walked in with a wheelchair. " Alright, were ready for ya, lets get this show on the road."

Barkow helped him off of the bed and into the wheelchair. " Alright, ready?" Beau nodded, still holding tight to Barkow's hand. The doctor wheeled him down the hallway to the delivery room. Barkow and Jerral helped him up onto the bed. The doctor put his mask back on.

" Alright, Beau, I need ya to put your legs up here for me, then just lay your feet right on these leg rests alright." Beau hated to cooperate with anyone, but right now he was in far to much pain to even argue a little, so he did as the doctor instructed him, for now anyway.

" Alright, good, now Bruce is gonna hold your foot, just to kinda support your leg and make sure it stays up there." " okay." Barkow lightly gripped Beau's foot, holding his leg up on the rest. " That doesn't hurt at all does it?" " no, its fine." The doctor slipped on his gloves.

" do you want your pa to hold the other one?" Beau nodded. " Alright, Jerral do you care to hold his other foot for me?" " Sure." Jerral took off his coat and walked over to the other side of the bed. He took hold of his son's other foot and Beau gripped his hand along with Barkow's.

" Alright..." The doctor said, placing a towel beneath Beau. " go ahead and push." Beau sucked in a breath and beared down with all the strength he had in his body. " HOLY FREAKIN SHIT!!!!" He screamed. Barkow gave the doctor a worried look. " Whats wrong? is everything alright?"

The doctor felt Beau's lower stomach. " hold on just a minute. " Beau felt his hand probing his birth canal. " what the hell are you...?" The doctor turned to a  nurse and whispered somthing quickly. " Whats wrong?" Beau asked worridly. " Its nothin to worry about, the babie just got her self stuck is all."

" STUCK?!" he shouted. " calm down, calm down, I'm gonna get her back into the right position, just give me a minute." He reached his hand back into Him. Beau winced, feeling the doctors hand reaching around for the baby. " god, get it the hell out of me!" " were gonna try Beau, were gonna try."

The doctor finally found the baby. " Alright, I've got a hold of her, now this is gonna hurt a bit but It 'll only take a second to turn her back around." Beau shut his eyes tight, bracing himself for the pain. " go on and do it."  he told the doctor. " okay, here it goes." he  began to pull on the baby's shoulders.

" OWWW!, OWWWW! OWWWWWWWW!" he cried in pain. Jerral went red in the face, a bit embarassed of how his son was acting. " Come on Beau, take it like a man."  Beau glarred at his father. " You try havin a kid Pa! it aint exactly fun!" Jerral looked down at the floor.

" OWWWW! GOD DAMN IT! OWWWWWW!" " easy i've almost got her." The doctor gave one last tug on the baby's shoulders and she moved back into the right position for birth. " God Damn! that hurt!" The doctor smiled. " I know, but she's ready to come out now, it should be easier."

Beau took in a breath. " push." the doctor told him. Beau pushed with all the strength he had left. " God it stings!" he wined, gripping Barkow's hand. Barkow looked over Beau's leg. " theres her little head." he smiled. Beau glarred at him. " You look down there again and I'll kill you."

Barkow pulled back and turned his head. " her heads crowning Beau." the doctor told him. " wanna feel her?" he asked. Beau sighed. " Fine." The doctor took his hand and laid it on top of the baby's emerging head. " is that her?" He asked, attempting to sit up in bed.

" uh huh, feel all that hair?" Beau nodded. Barkow thought he could see a faint smile on his face. Beau tensed at another contraction. " oh god!" " Alright, push." He took in a breath and beared down as hard as he could. " ahhhhhhh!" " Keep goin, she's comin."

" Holy shit!" he yelped as the baby's head slipped out. " Alright, her shoulders are next." Beau sucked in another breath and pushed again. " God help me!" he shouted. " those damn drugs you gave me don't work worth a shit!" he said, still bearing down with all his strength.

He screamed and the baby's shoulders slipped from him. " one more time." the doctor told him. He sucked in another deep breath and pushed again, harder than he ever had before. " OWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!" he screamed and the tiny life slipped out of him. " It's a little girl ." 

The doctor lifted her up. Beau looked at the tiny crying baby, his eyes suddenly filling with tears. " Happy birthday darlin." the doctor suctioned out the baby's nose and mouth then wrapped her in a blanket and gave her to a nurse to weigh. " six pounds, two ounces."

The nurse brought her back and laid her in Beau's arms. Barkow looked down at his lover, holding their new baby. he noticed a tear rolling down Beau's chhek. " Are... are you crying?" he asked surprised. " No!" Beau dried his eyes. The doctor put a little pink hat on the baby's head.Then he slipped some little pink socks on her feet. " what do you wanna name her?" he asked putting a braclet around her tiny wrist. Beau thought for a minute. " I got one for her.." he said smiling... 

" Bella Rose Dorn"

( to be continued....)